Welcome to St. Clement Catholic Parish
Bowling Green, Missouri

We, the parishioners and leaders of St. Clement Parish, located in the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City Missouri, are grounded in our Catholic heritage with an eye to our future.
Join us as we continue to respond to God's grace to build up the Body of Christ and boldly proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as His disciples.

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We Welcome You!
Fr. Bill Peckman

Link to Fr. Bill's Blog:
Ramblings of a Country Pastor

Parish Center Rental

Contact Parish Office at 324-5545


Check the Bibb-Veach Funeral Home website - www.muddveach.com - for up to date information about funeral services and obituaries.

Pray for the Sick:

Jim Scherder       Eden Murray (Infant)     Catherine Sick  (Child)
Doug A. Grote      Christine Lewis   Herman Twellman      Bob Henson    
Bill Orf      Debbie Barkhurst   Jimmie Garthoeffner   Rose Scherder
Thelma Luebrecht      Brad Orf       Betty Eoff     Bobby Meyer    
Charles & Bernice Schuckenbrock  

To be placed on Prayer Line
Call Sandy Merz 324-5617 or 470-5647
or email: judyandneiloberman@sbcglobal.net

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